Watch the video for FKJ’s “Risk”


Watch the video for FKJ’s “Risk”

Words Victoire Pallard


A half-open door – warm and golden light – FKJ plays facing the open window in an happy solitude. A second door then opens onto a gray bathroom. White neon overhangs a mirror. Bas talks to himself in the abysse of his thoughts. The sweetness of the notes contrasts with the harshness of the words. Bas meditates in the subway, at the airport, in the middle of the crowd. He pours out a stream of thought, eyes closed, carried away by music…



“I can recall when your lips
Used to contort into smiles
Bright as the sun that’s drawn an eclipse I haven’t seen light in a while
Hasn’t been bright in awhile”


Later, a third door opens on a storm-free beach, the two artists finally gathered together. In front of them, the sun sets peacefully on a calm sea, giving the illusion of suspended time.

After releasing the EP “Ylan Ylang” last November, FKJ reveal a video for the single Risk with rapper Bas and directed by Lossapardo: an inner journey materialized by poetic and twilight scenes, mixture of stillness and movement, anxiety, calm and flickering light.